Rhino Sand Modelling

Last Wednesday ( 27:11:13) my class went to the beach. We were in groups, and we had to model something to do with ‘Save the Rhino’. At first it was quite tricky to mould the sand because it kept crumbling away. Then we discovered, that by wetting the sand we could mould it a lot easier. ( We weren’t allowed to go to the water ourselves, but Miss Chaffey went down to the waters edge and got it in buckets for us). We had about 1 hour and a half to build it. It was amazing fun. If you want to see pictures of the models, visit:   tjps56c.edublogs.org   I hope you like them! 🙂

IMG_0026 (Copy)

100WC Musomic #13-The Man In The Window

“We really have to go now” I say, “I’ve seen him before, he’s dangerous”.

Elisabeth stares at me terrified. Her beautiful, hazel brown eyes starting to fill up with tears. Slowly, she nods.

“Ok then,” I say, “Let’s run!”

We sprint away, running as fast as we can. I glance back, and see the man standing there, at the window. Silent. Still. His yellow, sunken face, staring blankly into the distance. His eyes look as if he has been alive for 1000 years. I don’t like the sight of him. He makes my hair stand on end. I hate him.



100WC-The Mystery Boots

“You have to do it Lucy!” , my friend Amelia called to me.

I was just about to jump into the murky depths of the lake. This would have been fine, apart from it being a freezing, icy, cold winters day. Imagine how cold the water must be! Also, my best friend Amelia was already in the lake, and urging me to come too.

Suddenly we heard a scream. Without another thought, we both bolted towards the sound of it. We arrived at the scene, just in time to see a pair of boots sticking out of the water…

Student Blogging Challenge: Activity 8

Hi. If you are visiting my blog, and you are in another country, feel free to answer some of these questions.

1.What is your favourite food? Is it sweet or savory?

2.What types of food do you eat?

3.Do you have brothers or sisters?

4.Do you live near water? If not, how far to you have to walk/drive to get there?

5.How do you get to school?

6.What do you like to do after school?

7. Where you born where you live now?

8.What forms of transport do you use?

9. Have you ever been to Australia?

10.Is it cold or hot where you live?

If there is anything you would like to ask me about where I live, just leave a comment.